Aquapac was founded in 1995. The company principally is a ready to assembly furniture producer. The main lines, in the first years, were furniture bespoke to the pet industry. So our cabinets were used to set aquariums on top.

In 2002 we upgraded our production facility to incorporate our first beam saw. This was the start of larger volume production runs. At this time we produced on average 200 units per week.

By 2007 we had outgrown all our equipment and therefore had to expand into new premises with a complete new fit out. Nearly £1m of investment had to go into installing our infrastructure and equipment into the new facility. We were now manaufacturing for a number of countries within Europe.

2013, and we are producing on average, around 1500 units per week, with both a day and night shift operating. This covers several markets and a wide range of customers in Europe, North America, Australia & New Zealand. We still manufacture our pet specific products such as vivariums (reptile enclosures), but we also now produce point of sales displays, kitchen & bedroom furniture and outsource contract work for other companies.

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