Please click on the green arrow above to see the machinery we use on our production line for manufacturing and processing all wooden panels.

Holzma HPL 510 Beam Saw

Our beam saw allows 6 standard 18mm boards to be cut at once. There is an automatic in-feed at the back of the machine, and the cut panels exit from the front, allowing continuous cutting, and very little downtime. This machine has optimisation software, allowing us to make the best possible use out of the board, with minimum wastage. saw

Homag Optimat KAL 210 Edge Bander

We have 2 Homag Optimat edgers. These run at a speed of 22m per minute. They have built in premilling stations which eliminate any chipping, and provide a smooth edge for the tape to be applied. There is a quick set up time involved, and it is possible to edge panel thicknesses of 12-38mm. We provide both ABS and PVC edging up to 2mm thick. edgerbander

Homag NBT200 Through Feed Drilling Centre

Although set up times are high on this machine, feed speed is high, drilling an average of 10 panels / minute. As a result, this machine is ideal for larger production runs. Multiborer

Biesse Skipper 100 Drilling Centre

The Skipper can be used for both drilling and routering of panels. It drills 2 panels at once on an air flotation table. It is the perfect machine for any batch size, as the integrated computer system allows programmes to be stored and used time and time again. The machine also provides drilling precision using lazer beam technology. drilling centre

Weeke Venture 1M CNC

This drilling centre has dual fields for pendulum processing. It is perfect for larger panels, which require both drilling and shaping (please note we also have a manual edge bander for edging shaped panels).The machine has an integrated computer programming system which allows jobs to be stored, and used time and time again. CNC

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