Incredibly stylish furniture for all types of aquariums

Aquarium furniture from Aquapac

Aquapac are one of the UK’s leading designers and manufacturers of custom aquariums.

At Aquapac we’ve been designing and building industry-leading aquarium furniture for over 20 years.

From our manufacturing facility in Glasgow, we deliver all types of aquarium furniture to locations all over the world.

We have a wide range of standard designs available and offer a bespoke option too. You can create something that’s completely unique to your space.

By investing in the latest design and manufacturing technology we can offer custom design solutions. Designs go straight from our designer’s workstation to our cutting, shaping and edging machines. This saves time and increases quality as our machines offer a level of finish not previously possible.

This increased efficiency means our production times are dramatically reduced. This allows us to offer much better value for money.

We offer a wide range of matte and gloss colours and stunning wood finishes.

When it comes to Aquariums, Aquapac have the design and manufacturing expertise to exceed your expectations. 

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