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We offer superb Home Office design and manufacture to the trade

Aquapac offer custom-designed home office furniture for the trade

Aquapac offer a range of home office furniture that can make any home office an impressive, productive and inspiring place to spend time in.

Our experienced designers understand the ergonomic requirements of the modern office worker. They ensure that our desk units and office storage satisfy all usability criteria.

We design everything to the latest human-system interface guidelines. We ensure that workstations, displays and controls offer maximum comfort for the user.

AquaPac can design furniture of any size and type. Home office furniture can be less than straightforward to do right. Often space is at a premium. Home-based workers tend not to have the furnishing budgets of large corporations. Compromise is often required. Our designers are experts in finding solutions.

We offer a range of standard, great value office furniture. Choose from a wide selection of attractive colours and finishes. Our range starts with very affordable furniture in a range of standard sizes. We have lots of options.

You can choose bespoke home office items that are custom designed to fit your room perfectly. Bespoke furniture can create a real wow factor for your visitors.

Our designers can work within your budget. They have a lot of experience and know-how. They can find creative ways to maximise storage space. With our range of materials, colours and finishes, the end result can be stunning. The price surprisingly affordable.

Outstanding home office furniture, off the shelf or completely bespoke. Rigid built or flat pack. Whatever you need, whatever your budget, we have the solution.

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